Personal Insurance

New York State and Long Island personal insurance agency, MAS Group, can cover all your personal insurance needs, including homeowners, condo, renters, car, boat, RV, flood, valuable items, and more.

“Would you like to insure that?” It's a question that comes up in nearly every personal business transaction involving risk. Even the post office offers insurance on items with as little as a $5 value, but when it comes to larger possessions, such as your home and car, your answer should always be “yes.” These are assets that you should be insuring!

It's a good thing that MAS Group, a premier Long Island insurance agency, can have all your personal insurance needs covered; including everything from homeowners, condo, and renters, to car, boat, and RV, as well as flood and valuable items insurance, among others.

Don't be scared off by unfounded fears of the industry at large. Our friendly Long Island personal insurance agents are not part of some out-of-state conglomerate. We're Long Islanders, based in the town of Hauppauge, and centrally located in Suffolk County. In addition to Long Island, we also service Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Upstate New York. It's our job to balance your protection needs with reasonable costs.

Insurance is protection from the unexpected. Perhaps in a perfect world, no one would need insurance. But if you ever experience an unfortunate car accident, or come home from a family trip only to find a foot and a half of water in your basement, you'll be glad to have Long Island personal insurance agency, MAS Group, on your side.

And, along with our superior customer service and claims assistance, we feel our extensive network and affordable policy pricing has earned us the respect of our clients throughout Long Island and all of New York State. Now we want to assist you in obtaining the security and peace of mind you and your family deserve. Protect yourself from life's unexpected risks. Let MAS Group's personal insurance agents show you why we've earned the admiration of your neighbors.

So, before that accident occurs or that water pipe bursts, below is a more detailed list of what our Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Upstate New York, and Long Island insurance agency can do for you, at a price that is comfortable:

  • Homeowners Insurance

    Homeowners insurance covers some of the most common home threats, including wind and hail damage, fire or lightning, vandalism, theft, damage from vehicles (including airplanes), explosion or riot, broken glass, smoke damage and volcanic eruption, and personal liability. Other homeowners policies are available that can be tailored to your individual needs. Your home is your most important asset. Don't let unforeseen events hurt you financially. MAS Group has got you covered!
  • Condo Insurance

    Condo insurance is an additional safeguard beyond any insurance policy you've likely taken out through your condo board. Condo insurance protects personal belongings, structures you own, and improvements made to your condo not otherwise covered in a general protection plan.
  • Mobile Home Insurance

    Mobile home insurance is doubly important, protecting both your vehicle and possibly your primary residence. Mobile home insurance covers the loss of personal items whether en route to a new location or while stationary in a park location. Additionally, specific plans protect against total loss of your mobile home from a storm (as mobile homes are far more vulnerable to destruction during severe weather) or if there has been damage to the exterior, including the loss of attached porches, decks, garages, and storage sheds.
  • Renters Insurance

    Just because you rent, doesn't mean your belongings aren't valuable. That's why protecting them with MAS Group makes so much sense. Remember, landlord insurance protects buildings, not your belongings. A fire, burglary, or severe weather conditions could leave you with nothing. And, furthermore, renters insurance is usually one of most cost-effective plans. Don't let that new TV, iPad, or great summer wardrobe be at risk.
  • Car Insurance

    Put simply, car insurance is a must. Car insurance protects your car from the potential of damage, injury, and theft. At MAS Group, we offer bodily injury liability from people you might injure in an accident, property damage to another person's property—be it their car or home, and physical damage to your car from collisions and severe weather conditions (e.g., storms, fallen trees, hail, etc.).
  • Motorcycle Insurance

    Riding a motorcycle may be the two-wheeled fashion statement of “cool,” but when you're involved in an accident or become the victim of theft, it would be totally un-cool to be without motorcycle insurance from MAS Group! Motorcycle insurance can protect you from the same liability as car insurance.
  • Boat Insurance

    Luxury goods are no less important than everyday goods. Boats are no exception. MAS Group offers several flexible monthly payment plans to help keep your expenses in check. Enrolling in a boating safety course will also help go a long way to reduce costs. Like mobile home insurance, boat insurance customers are protected whether they are docked at a marina or out on the open seas, lakes, rivers, and channels around Long Island and beyond.
  • RV Insurance

    RV insurance (or recreational vehicle insurance) is not like typical car insurance. Although it protects you against bodily injury, liability, and theft, it also helps cover food, travel, or lodging, if you should have a claim away from home. It can also act similar to mobile home insurance, if you are on the road for an extended period of time and live in your RV. Enjoy the open road, but don't let it catch you by surprise. Let RV insurance from MAS Group help you navigate any unexpected events.
  • Personal Excess Liability Insurance

    Sometimes you need an extra level of security to ensure that you continue to sustain your standard of living. That's why MAS Group offers you and your family extra protection in the form of this umbrella insurance policy. Don't fear further liability due to a car accident or lawsuit knowing MAS Group has an insurance plan in place for you.
  • Flood Insurance

    We live on Long Island, surrounded by water. What better reason to have flood insurance? Flood insurance at MAS Group means that you will be protected against flooding due to extreme weather or rising waters. Obviously, there are more high-risk neighborhoods on Long Island than others, so we urge you to contact our office to learn more about the benefits of having a flood insurance policy.
  • Valuable Items Coverage

    Ever get that feeling that your place of residence feels more like a museum, packed with valuable possessions? If that's the case, then MAS Group can help. Our valuable items insurance coverage protects items such as jewelry, fine art, sports memorabilia, antiques, furniture, guns, silverware, furs, and more. Cover them all at a reasonable monthly fee or pick and choose your most valued items to insure.

Can't decide on which personal insurance plan is most appropriate for your needs? Contact MAS Group, a Long Island personal insurance agency, to speak with one of our friendly and highly skilled personal insurance agents. Get a FREE consultation today: 631-389-2301